Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings on Tweakware, Stark VPN and HTTP Injector 2020

What's up guys! In case you don't know, the Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat is blazing right now, and guys are already wrecking it. I shared the settings for AnonyTun VPN a few days ago, but if you don't like that app, I'm here with the same Glo 0.0KB settings for Stark VPN, Tweakware, and HTTP Injector.

New APN settings and Glo Free Browsing Cheat with Tweakware, Stark VPn and HTTP Injector

Before I proceed with the settings, I learned that the internet signal 📶 (3G/H+ sign) is not coming up for some people, but here is the fix if your legs are unfortunately in that shoe.

Simply use this APN Configuration

-> Apn name: Glo 001
-> APN: 9mobile
-> Proxy and Port: Leave blank
-> Username and Password: Leave blank
-> Authentication Type: Tick PAP

glo 0.0kb Free browsing cheat APN setting

Or use this:
Name: Glo 002

Port: 443 or 8081
Username: join
Pass: join

Now save this APN and proceed to set up your VPN app.

glo 0.0kb cheat on stark vpn

Stark VPN Settings for Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

Firstly, download Stark VPN here. Even if you have the app on your phone before, update it via that link. 

Now, open the VPN app and select "Glo" in Tweaks. Lastly, hit the RED Button to connect and wait for few seconds for the VPN to connect. Then you can now start your unlimited browsing and downloading.

Glo 0.0KB Settings on Tweakware

Now launch the Tweakware app and tap “Settings” which is located at the top corner of your screen, then click on “Import Tweak.”

Once you finish importing the file, return to Tweakware's homepage and tap on the bar below the Free Server – Auto Select, then select Custom. You can now go back and tap the CONNECT button, you'll see yourself smiling online within a few seconds.

Tweakware glo 0.0kb settings

if the above method is difficult for you, use this instead:
  • Open Tweakware and click on Settings
  • Tap Custom Tweak
  • Select Connection Mode as HTTP
  • Type 80 as the Server Port
  • Input in the Host Header
  • Use Multiline as Select Header Line Type
  • Now go back and tap CONNECT.

http Injector setting for glp 0.0kb cheat

HTTP Injector Settings for Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

download HTTP Injector here if you don't have the app. Also, download these two beta files here and here, then import it.

http injection

Now tick data compression, DNS, and set your local port to port 8080 in SSH settings. And that's all.

You only have to pick the one that works best for you out of the three. Kindly share and tell us how it went via the comments below. Enjoy!

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