4. Akwa Ibom State 

Akwa Ibom state government is the only state that pays corps members after their orientation course. Immediately after camp, corpers get paid, and according 2 d government, it’s to help them go to their various PPAs before their service year officially begins.

Have you heard of any security problem in Akwa Ibom? Neither have I. Akwa Ibom is as safe as a safe house. Also, feeding is very cheap in all parts of Akwa Ibom.  Also, the transportation cost is dirt-cheap, housing cost is reasonable, and the lifestyle is great. Lest I forget, the state government pays corpers ₦5,000 monthly.

Clearly, they aren’t wrong when they claim to be the most developed state in Nigeria after Abuja and Lagos. So, if you’re considering to serve in “Akwa ibom” , you won’t regret it.( part of target) 

3. Kano State 

Kano's is one of the major cities and a major commercial hub in Nigeria. At a time Kano state was the most populous state in Nigeria, although the Boko Haram crisis might have contributed to it losing that title to Lagos state. so it was unsurprising when an ex-corp member was sharing his wonderful service year experience in Kano. 

He said, “If you serve in Dangote or Nepa office (Kedco) in Kano, you are of all men, most blessed.” Funny right? You may be wondering what he meant, but you won’t understand until you’re there. Kano state government is one of the states that pays corpers and presently, Kano is relatively peaceful. Kano is now as safe as it used to be years back and people are returning.

Regarding the cost of living, the cost of living in Kano is quite affordable, yet the standard is high, which makes it a major attraction to people from other regions. Kano has more industries than any other state in Northern Nigeria, which provides job opportunities for both corps members and those who choose to remain after their service year.

Okay, now I must say this. During my interaction with Kunmi who happens to be a friend of mine that serve there, he said he remembered how him and some corpers then who bought gold (did I mention that Kano has the largest gold dealers in Nigeria and it is very cheap in Kano?) with part of their allowance and sold them after their service year in the states they came from. I still know many of them still living there because of how they’ve exploited what kano has to offer.
Lastly, Kano state pays corps members ₦5,000 monthly, which makes it the best northern state for NYSC.

2. Anambra State 

Anambra is ranked second on this list mainly because it is one of NYSC’s highest paying state. Anambra government pays corp members ₦9,000, which is higher than all states except Lagos state. Yes, you read that right. The state is home to arguably the largest market in West Africa, and some people say that there’s more money in Onitsha (though not the capital) than any other city in Nigeria.

Food is cheap; the accommodation is reasonable, transportation is affordable; virtually, everything is Anambra is cheap. Although, Anambra has one big issue (though I’m mainly referring to Onitsha), which is security. The security in Onitsha is nothing to write home about but that doesn’t mean that you can’t serve there. Other major towns in Anambra are relatively safe and very pleasant to live in: 

Regarding job opportunities, Akwa has more professional job opportunities than any other town in Anambra. The reason is that Akwa being the state capital has more government offices and other corporate offices. Don’t get it wrong, Onitsha and Nnewi have lots of industries, but you’re more likely to get posted to schools for your primary assignment.

1. Lagos state

Lagos is d commercial capital of Nigeria & thus, staying in Lagos isn’t cheap. A corps member posted to Lagos would have to deal with huge accommodation, transportation cost, and feeding cost. However, Lagos offers significantly higher job opportunities than most states in Nigeria, which makes it a major attraction for corps members. Regarding security, Lagos is one of d safest places for a Corp member in Nigeria. Although petty crimes like pick pocketing πŸ€•πŸ€• are rampant in crowded areas in Lagos, Corp members posted to Lagos need not worry about kidnappings, bombings, or any major security concern.

Finally, the state government pays corps members in ministries the sum of N10,000/Month while Corp Members in Local Government Offices are paid N5,000 monthly. A Corp member in Lagos earns an average of N30,000 per month at their place of primary assignment.

For most corps members, Lagos state is the best state for NYSC in Nigeria, sadly, it is too competitive and getting posted to Lagos is more luck than choice.
 N60,000 at the end of your service year (5,000 monthly)

Bayelsa state = ₦3,000 monthly

Kebbi state = ₦24,000 at the end of your service year (₦2,000 monthly)
I swear if you mistakenly choose them you will be  automatically deploy there because they want corp members seriously

Taraba state = ₦5,000 Ninthly

Imo state = ₦2,000 monthly

Zamfara state = ₦3,000 monthly 

Nasarawa state = ₦3,000 monthly

Yobe state = ₦2,500 monthly

Borno state = ₦1,000 monthly
Oyo state = 3,800 monthly (πŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ˜­πŸ˜­)

Niger state = ₦5,000 monthly

Kaduna state = ₦5,000 monthly

Bauchi state = ₦1,250 monthly

For clarity, when I mentioned the monthly salary states pay corpers, it is for corps members, whose primary place of assignment is a state government organization.

Also, some private organizations pay corpers while some don’t. It depends on the company’s policy, but it is always a good idea to negotiate your pay if you are working at a private firm – at least, let them pay you enough to cover transportation cost.

Regarding states that pay corpers during NYSC, u should confirm from corps members currently serving in the state, especially the most recent batch because some states without warning, have stopped or will stop paying corps members.

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