All prospective Corps members/Corps members are to note the following for strict compliance during the Orientation Course:
* Prospective Corps members/Corps members are expected to go to their Dashboards and fill in the COVID-19 test self-reporting format before printing call up letters
* Corps members are to download and print the code and slip generated, for presentation at the Orientation camps.
* All prospective corps members/corps members must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps.
* No prospective Corps member(s)/Corps member(s) will be allowed into the camps if they come before their appointment date.
* Upon arrival at Camp, prospective Corps members/corps members must subject themselves to the COVID-19 test.
* Prospective Corps members/Corps members must report to camp with at least two (2) washable facemasks.
* Wearing facemasks on Camp at all times Is mandatory.
* Corps members must take responsibility for their own safety And ensure strict compliance with all COVID-19 Safety Protocols.
* All foreign-trained prospective Corps members/corps members must arrive in the Country two (2) weeks before the commencement of the Orientation Course.
* Frequent washing of hands at the wash hand points And the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
* Physical distancing must be observed in all Camp activities.
* Avoid touching the face with unwashed hands.
* Number of worshippers will be regulated at the approved religious centers.
* All Corps members must attend the sensitization on Infection, Prevention, And Control (IPC) of COVID-19 to be conducted in the Camps.


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