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4 New WhatsApp Features You Must Know About.

WhatsApp has recently launched some new features that are now available on both iOS and Android versions. Here are the top four new features:

1. Edit Sent Messages and Captions:

WhatsApp now allows you to edit a message that you’ve already sent, including the captions for media like photos and videos. After sending a message, you get a window of 15 minutes to edit it. To edit a message, tap and hold the message > Tap on the "Edit" button and make the necessary correction. 

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2. Create a Group without Entering a Name:

With this feature, you can now create groups without entering a name. These unnamed groups with up to six participants will be dynamically named based on who is in the group. 

3. Use WhatsApp as Zoom with Share Screen:

You can now share your screen on WhatsApp video calls – much like Zoom. To share your WhatsApp screen, you need to start a video call and tap on the "Share" icon. You need to give the app permission to record your session if you want to do that. 

4. Send HD Photos and Videos:

WhatsApp recently rolled out the ability to send HD photos and videos on Android and iOS. To send HD photos and videos, you need to open the chat > Tap on the attachment icon > Select the photos or videos you need to send > Tap on the "HD" button and send.

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Keep an eye out for the upcoming feature that will allow user handles on the app.


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