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About Naijagistech

Naijagistech emerges among all Nigerian site entries not just for its lovely plan and simple route yet for its stacked, rich, invaluable and one of a kind substance.
The thought of Naijagistech was imagined and assembled starting with no outside help by Adewumi Prayer Oluwaseun , the CEO, and because of Our Global Friends and our fans for their backing.

After much thought, securitization and consultation Naijagistech was propelled June 04, 2016 and since its commencement, Naijagistech has been giving monstrous and un-quantifiable help and administrations to the Nigerian culture by keeping them side by side with the most recent happenings in Free Browsing Technology, Entertainment, and boundless free versatile substance for cellular telephones, laptops, iPad etc.

While concentrating on the above Naijagistech knows the level of employment unemployment in the nation and are doing their own particular minimal best to annihilate this hazard by giving online Legitimate cash making exercises and business thoughts to the constantly becoming number of Nigerian adolescents.

Naijagistech additionally expands its fringes by arranging eye - getting workshops and workshop to guide Nigerian adolescents on some particular regions like lake making, development of sun powered boards etc.

Naijagistech superlative and dedicated team (administrators) can't be left unmentioned for their great and gainful thoughts. They are the cerebrum behind Naijagistech.

This basic content was created and composed by Adewumi Prayer Oluwaseun of Naijagistech a prepared author and web audit master.

About Admin

Programming master and site wizard Adewumi Prayer Oluwaseun holds a commendable degree in C.sc. From one of Nigerians head establishments.

Naijagistech  was created on June 04, 2016 by Adewumi Prayer Oluwaseun, Nigerian head telephone technologist.

He has gotten such a large number of distinguishment, awards and great will messages from his fans and well wishers.

Most importantly Adewumi Prayer Oluwaseun is a humble and a normal Nigerian man with an incredible point of view to life.
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