Why A Laptop Might Be Better Than Your Certificate.

By Adewumi Prayer 

Dear reader, 
Do you have an idea of what your laptop, a good internet connection, and stable electricity can provide for you within four weeks of relentless and steady hustle online?
Read this post carefully, because this might change your life within a few months, which I assure you if you do this rightly.

The joy derived from being self-employed is unquantifiable, you resume anytime, you are your boss, you share your profit alone, also remember, the risk involved is for you alone.

Firstly, take in-depth thinking of the current numbers of graduates out there, not just ordinary graduates, but mostly First class level, which is still not opportune to find something doing to meet their daily needs. But, do you know that with that your laptop, you thought it’s a home theatre, or PS3 console, can as well fetch you cool cash online in which I bet you your hard-earned certificate can’t?

Before I proceed, for your laptop to be better than your certificate, you need to have a little or can I say a better knowledge about some basic controls and operation of your computer relating to money-making aspect just as you’ve gathered enough experience during the cause of getting certified in your course of study.
So, sit back, relax, get a chilled drink, while I breakdown reasons why that your many years abandoned laptop might be better than your certificate.

Earning on a Periodical basis
Working at home or can I say working on your laptop gives you the chances of receiving a passive income on a daily basis, depending on the service you are rendering with the device, the knowledge you applied, the results you get back and the people you get connected to who patronize your business. Doing this will pave the way for you out there in the business sector, whereby making your bank credit alerts more frequent than before. Once you render excellent and high-quality services, people will come and patronize you. That is the main secret behind doing any business related to digital marketing.

Rendering of related Services: 
Many public and privates organizations are set up almost every day, such as blocks industries, car wash, eateries, fashion centers, churches, and many others. Probably these above-listed organizations would need their presence known to the mass because their principal and primary motive is income making; therefore a proper and permanent logo design would be required. This can easily be carried out with the help of your laptop, with some design software already installed on them. This can serve as a means of earning a passive income which will also give you a chance of winning other contracts depending on your previous delivery.

In other hands, a website might also be needed depending on the type of establishment. Website design is a very profitable and fast means of earning on the internet and relying on yourself. Many websites are created for different business every day, good knowledge of WordPress will help you achieve this aspect of web design.

Online Marketing:
With the help of your laptop, you can set up an e-commerce website of your own and start a business of your own, e.g. importation, data reselling, bitcoin trading and many more. Importation business is the act of buying goods from another country at a cheaper rate and selling them in your country at a more profitable rate, this can be done in the comfort of your house, no stress attached, your customer’s place an order from your website and you deliver them within the specified time and location.

Bitcoin trading too is a business that you can start with your laptop but can’t be employed with a certificate. This business is highly profitable and can change your story within months of seriousness and focus.

The internet and the use of computer system have created many ways and opportunities in which one can rely on him/herself and forget you even went to school. Another unique way in which your laptop is more relevant than your certificate is by working from home, which is known as Freelancing.

Freelancing is explained merely as working online or rendering any digital skill online in exchange for money. This is an act of specifying things you can do with your laptop to meet the end user’s desired need. There are likes of websites in which you can render services from your room and earn more than someone been offered a white collar job in Nigeria is earning. (Depending on your smartness, Freelancing is not as easy as I briefed it).

Conclusively, before you can choose to ignore that hard-earned certificate of yours for your laptop, you have to think twice before taking this vital step, because, working with your computer requires more time than the regular working hours of a standard Government organization. So, you have to be prepared to face challenges and always remember; there is still a light waiting at the end of every tunnel, no matter how long the journey might look or take you.

I wish you a successful outcome as you take the bold step of ignoring your certificate and joining the digital and internet hustlers.

Pens up.

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