Apple Releases iOS 15 Beta 2 - What's New?



Hi everyone, today Apple released iOS 15 Beta 2 to developers, this release is aimed at making the developers check and explore the new features before releasing the final version to the public. Recently, different beta versions had been released to developers and many YouTubers have taken up the task to explain much about the updates to iPhone users across the globe. Apple also released, iPad OS 15 Beta 2, Watch OS 8 beta 2, and TV OS 15 beta 2, they did not release mac OS just yet.

Without further ado, let's dive into the latest changes and updates in the new beta release.

What's New?

  • Build Number
  • Modem Update
  • Battery Performance
  • Benchmarks
  • New Features
Firstly, the Map icon has been updated, comparing to the old icon on the old beta's, it's not a huge change but it's something you should know. Modem update has solved connectivity 💻 issues on the 5G network, and this has seemed to turn things around in terms of speed and consistency.

Another change to take note of is the Focus mode to different modes and you can select your home screen to different focus modes with apps and screen you would want to display on your phone. All you just have to do is set the custom home screens for different focus modes, and you are good to go 👍

Wallpaper has also been updated to display the word "Loading" when you are applying a new wallpaper to let you know the system is undergoing some commands which are different from the former way it looks. This is a big update to keep you posted on what's going on with your device. Thumbs up Apple.

Portrait mode is now available on Watch OS 8 Beta 2, this is a new watch face introduced to the watch and you can adjust that on the watch app on your connected iPhone or simply do that on the watch itself and enjoy cool new designs.

Mac, iPhone & Apple Watch.

Other updates include a new splash screen for Weather, Notes. this is just showing you what's new and things you can do with the app to enjoy the new features.

Other Features includes:
  • Share play.
  • Airpods icon changed under accessibility.
  • Health sharing updated.
  • Memoji updated with new headwear, eyewear, clothing, and many more.
  • Shortcuts have been updated to receive what's on-screen.
  • In Photos, Memories have been moved to the top.
Watch the Video Below: Credits to Zollotech


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